Can Ms Be Cured

Most treatments and medications can only control symptoms of multiple sclerosis or slow down the progression of the disease. Until the condition is completely understood, it will be very challenging to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Fortunately, recent stem cell treatment discovery brings revolutionary solution to all patients, being able to not only keep the symptoms steady, but reverse them as well. This means that the damage that has been done by the disease over the years, can be fixed.

The Ms can be cured with stem cells procedure that are consists of four simple steps:
harvesting – during which stem cells are extracted from adipose tissue or bone marrow.
separation – when stem cells are parted from other cells.
activation – the phase in which stem cells are photo activated.
treatment - during which these stem cells are returned to patient’s body via standard IV drip.

Alongside this, there are also new innovative methods for boosting ms stem cell treatment results. One of them is Oxyven that enriches cells with oxygen, enlarges blood vessels and helps the stem cells have safe and free passage through bloodstream all the way to the problematic area. Laser Blood Stimulation provides blood detoxification and regeneration of the damaged blood vessels.

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